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Radix, Phrygian étude for piano 4 hands

o 2019

o Ref: A-2019-03

o Piano 4 hands

Premiered by Kayla Portugal and Adrià Barazón Florit, 3th december 2020 at ESMUC (Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya), Barcelona, Spain.

Radix is one of the 7 modal études for piano 4 hands in which the composer is working. It tries to reflect the mathematical properties of nature in the rhythm, conserving an immutable stability, but at the same time breaking it and achieving surprising effects. The Phrygian nature of this composition speaks about certain roots (radix) of an important part of European musical culture, which the present globalisation wants to forget or, on the other hand, exploit. Moreover, the role of the interpreters is decisive, both to adapt their way of playing to the rhythmic structures, and to have a connection in the performance, an almost spiritual union to develop a single work.


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